Sun Protection Alert

The Sun Protection Alert tells you when you need to protect your skin.  Protection is required when UV radiation is damaging (when UV levels are 3 or higher).  In New Zealand UV levels are monitored by NIWA.

A Sun Protection Alert example

In this example the key message is that we would need to protect our skin and eyes from 9.50am to 4.20pm because this is the UV radiation risk period. 

The risk period is supported by sun safety messages.  In this example, use shade and reapply your sunscreen.

Where else is the Sun Protection Alert displayed?

During the daylight saving months (September to April) the Sun Protection Alert is available on the MetService website and weather App, newspapers, television (TV3), and radio. Some organisations have added the Sun Protection Alert to their intranet, or homepage - for example DermNet NZ. 

For skiers there's a free Snow Weather App.

Get the Sun Protection Alert on your website

The Sun Protection Alert and supporting sun safety message can be readily installed by your web developer on your own website or intranet by using the Sun Protection Alert Code Generator.   You can customise it for your region, or for the north or south island if your organisation is nationally based.


North Island Sun Protection Alert - Today

South Island Sun Protection Alert - Today

Your city or town's Sun Protection Alert times for today




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